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Ballons in the Andes of Cusco

Welcome aboard!Do you want to live an unforgettable experience in style? Take advantage of this amazing balloon trip and contemplate the beautiful landscapes that Cusco hides from the heights.Have you ever experienced how the Earth slowly separates from you? Would you like to contemplate a landscape of incomparable bird’s-eye beauty? Now you have the opportunity to experience the sensation of floating through the sky in absolute silence, while the wind pushes the globe and reveals amazing landscapes. With this experience, you can contemplate the Andean landscapes of Cusco, while the cold Andean breeze caresses you.How do you start everything?The activity starts early in the morning, when the participants gather to start the assembly and inflation of the balloon. It starts flying at dawn, which is when the wind is calmer and the atmosphere is colder and more stable. The balloons can only be directed vertically and the pilot will take advantage of the air currents to choose a direction. Meanwhile, the ground crew follows the balloon and picks up the participants at the landing point.When you land, you will celebrate your flight with the traditional toast and after a small picnic the flight certificates will be delivered.Do not wait any longer and … Fly!