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Skybike or flying bicycles, is a proposal to ride in the void that mixes adrenaline and suspense, since it consists of crossing a canyon no less than riding a bicycle. This adventure can be lived in Cachimayo 20 minutes from the imperial city, in the hills of Catedralniyuc, where 2 platforms are correctly anchored to the rock, being the point of departure before the experience of pedaling 200 meters at 90 meters from the ground. How to make the skybike? What prevails in this sport is safety, the bicycle is hooked to two steel cables (lifelines). With a harness, a helmet, anchor tapes, extreme security, with the heart in the mouth the adventure begins. Once you start the tour the view is spectacular, the cold and Andean wind reminds us that we are at a high altitude, about to overcome one of man’s worst fears: to fall into the void. Is this activity suitable for me? The proposal we offer is designed for everyone, ranging from 12 years of age (minors with the permission and supervision of their agent), the activities are led by a mountain guide who will ensure safety and explain all aspects to familiarize you with all the equipment and material that will be used, as well as the techniques to progress safely and autonomously.